Proxima Milano is proud to present the first italian teaser in VR (we call it VeaseR) powered by HTC Vive and delivered for the promotion of the sci-fi short movie YONDER, directed by Roberto Saku Cinardi and produced by Section80.
The VeaseR will be available soon online for download from the must important international web platforms. Stay tuned!

Why we called VeaseR a teaser in VR?
The term VeaseR was born from the need of giving a name to a new type of product in the motion picture industry communication which in common reality exists and is called Teaser while in the virtual one did not have a precise identification. The VeaseR transfers the visitor right inside the story (the main shot) of the screenplay and it challenges him with an adventure and an interactive experience. The objective of a VeaseR is exactly the same of an advertisement product in the part that it entices and engage the visitor with a certain product. Exactly what it can happens in the motion picture industry for features, docs, shorts, any kind of film.
The potential of this kind of product is in its impressive sensory engagement and total immersion in the reality to which the visitor is transferred.